From custom-designed to ready-to-go luxury tents, we have the perfect solution

With Bushtec Safari, anything is possible in luxury tent design. We are customer-focused, working closely with clients to ensure you choose an option that best suits your budget, camp location and living requirements.

Our range of standard and flagship luxury safari tents can be customised to your exact specifications and requirements.

Customisation options

  • En-suite ablution facilities
  • Tailored canvas bathroom with gauze roof
  • Mild steel frame, option to fit onto your existing structure
  • Square tubing
  • PVC/shade-net flysheet
  • Serengeti-style door (front/rear/both)
  • Roll-up front door

We offer the following tented solutions

Bushtec Safari products custom design

Custom Design

Bringing your vision to life. Custom design is a collaborative approach to creating unique designs which ignite the imagination, capture the beauty and essence of a location, and inspire travel.

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Bushtec Safari products luxury range

Luxury Range

Pushing the boundary of luxury tented design. Each solution has been created to showcase at the annual Tourism Indaba show. The purpose is to showcase our capabilities and what is possible with canvas tent design.

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Bushtec Safari products meru range

Meru Range

More of what you want for less. For customers wanting a ready-to-go tented solution, invest in the Meru Range. It is also an ideal solution for mobile camps.

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